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Halito, my name is Taloa Katimih Hushi Lakna Nashoba- Sings While Flying YellowWolf. My English name is Courtney YellowWolf Graham. I was raised on a ranch in New Mexico, so naturally I wanted to work with animals and spent eight years in the veterinary field. Following a change of calling I spent four years in the music and art industry which led me to Nashville, TN. I now reside in Enumclaw, Washington. After having many hardships in life, western medicine was not working for me, I began to train with my Native elders in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. I studied and completed internships, a degree, and licensing/certification under two Naturopaths/Therapists/NLP Masters, and I began a path of holistic therapy fourteen years ago. After changing my life and finding ways to heal, I pursued this path to guide others to healing and finding themselves.

NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

  • Neuro- the nervous system, the mental pathways of our five senses by which we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. 

  • Linguistic - our ablility to use language and how specific words and phrases reveal our mental worlds (postures, gestures, and habits that reveal our thinking styles and beliefs). 

NLP helps get to the root of who we are, what we believe, why we believe what we believe, what environments and thoughts have shaped us, and how to peel back the layers to healing.

My services include mental, emotional and spiritual guidance, basic body reflex evaluation, marriage and relationship therapy, sound healing, energy healing, spirit communication, property clearing, and intuitive healing. Helping you find your purpose and answers you have been seeking. This encompasses any emotional areas, relationship areas, self-image, addictions or habits, recovering from any kind of abuse or trauma, walking through and recovering from grief, physical illness, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, inner conflicts, recovery and healing from intergenerational trauma and colonialism trauma, and more. This includes your pet as well, as animals feel emotions. There are many transformative outcomes of your session. The core of my work is to walk you through addressing root causes contributing to any lack of balance in your life and to heal rather than treat a symptom.

What is BBRE?
What is BBRE?

BBRE is Basic Body Reflex Evaluation. This is the most popular of my modalities.

The use of kinesiology and reflexology testing to find unresolved issues residing in the body and/or emotions manifesting themselves physically. Having pinpointed the issue, this allows us to tap into your nervous system by tapping and release the energies around or in the body. This ties in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. We can find many answers and even go as far back as when in the womb.

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