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  • "In our time working together Courtney shared her clear intuition and incredible sense of what is needed. She finds the root of whatever needs attention and she pulls it up and out. The results I’ve had with her in just a few hours of what feel like talking to a good friend top it all. She is intelligent and insightful, honest and a truly powerful healer." Anna

  • "I highly recommend Courtney! I was going through a really hard time after losing a relationship that caused me a lot of pain. I was hurting and yearning for understanding. She led me through an exercise that allowed for me to identify my pain and feelings. Getting to the root of everything was very liberating! We then did a visualization exercise that was simply amazing! I wouldn't have trusted just anyone to walk through this with. She made me feel comfortable and it was effective. The pain went away afterwards and I was able to relax and think things through more clearly. She also pointed out a few lessons for me to come to understand in time. This may be my favorite part! Courtney is an excellent guide! She is full of love and selfless. My life has changed completely. Acknowledging certain feelings has unleashed a powerful confidence and understanding that I couldn't have found on my own! The humble strength I've found in reconnecting with my higher self is invaluable! I'm very thankful! My dearest dreams are manifesting finally and I encourage you to unlock your own with her guidance!" Mary

  • "Courtney has helped me change my perception of how to view my emotional world and how to navigate life more easily and to flow through challenges rather than drowning." Gina

  • " Courtney changed my life! Well, helped me change mine, since she says that I hold the power! She couldn't have come into my life at a better time. I was depressed, overweight, and burned out. In an hour, she changed my whole point of view. If you can see her, do it! I will be seeing her once a month from now on!" Amy

  • "Courtney's phone sessions are incredible, I still don't know how she knows what's going on in my life without even seeing me in person, it's amazing! I do the work I need to do without ever having to leave my living room. Because of her I have manifested exactly the life that I want. Thank you Courtney for changing my life!" Anissa

  • "I was referred to Courtney by a good friend. I had gone through a horrible break up and lost all confidence in myself. I had one session for an hour and I walked out with a renewed confidence knowing that I was enough. It wasn't just a way of thinking, but a way of feeling it in my bones. My life and relationships are forever changed. Thank you Courtney!" Debbie

  • "I have been seeing Courtney regularly for over a year and I must say that because of her teaching me, I have the life I want. If you're ready to set up and receive the good things that are yours, give her a call!" Sara

  • "We had Courtney out to help our tribal members for a weekend. She did multiple sessions in two days for those who wanted to come out and everybody felt so much better. We are going to keep having her out for part of healthcare." Derek

  • "I had a spirit in my home that wouldn't go away and Courtney came and was able to communicate with it and knew exactly what it was wanting. It never came back to my home. I now have peace in my home again and can sleep at night again. Thank you Courtney." Ashley

  • "Courtney is an incredible healer. I saw her for about 6+ months consecutively and she not only has an incredible presence about her, but she is very skilled at what she does. I dealt with high stress and anxiety and Courtney gave me the tools to heal myself and feel lighter and free. I highly recommend anyone (or animal) to Courtney as she is the real deal and I haven't been able to find anyone even close to her since she moved out of Nashville." Elyse

  • "I have had incredible sessions with Courtney for both myself and my dogs! She made me feel extremely comfortable and never judged me for anything I told her. I left sessions with her feeling so calm (which is incredible for a person with anxiety!) and with a solid plan of what I would need to work on. I would recommend her to any of my friends!" Erin

  • "I had major shifts and changes happening within me during my session of NLP with Courtney. She's easy to talk to and open up to. She's very wise and highly intuitive. I feel amazing after my session with her and had never heard of NLP before. I highly recommend! I have now had a BBRE Session is Courtney it was amazing! I literally feel 501bs lighter! I released some very old childhood traumas through this session. Courtney resonates love and compassion through her work. She guides you through the whole thing and it's so healing. If you've never had or heard of BBRE before, like me, I highly recommend seeing Courtney for a session and get to the root core of your pain that you may not even realize you are holding onto in your body. It's easy, safe, and effective. I feel so free, light, and bright. My heart is filled with joy! Thank you Courtney, I can't wait for my next session with you." Karol

  • "I learned so much throughout my mentorship with Courtney. It has been an absolutely life changing experience and I am so grateful for her teachings and wisdom. She is incredibly genuine and real and knows when to push you and when to give you time to process what you are learning. Over the course of this month, I have faced and overcome many fears with her guidance and have come to know myself and my life purpose in ways I could not have imagined. 10/10 would recommend!" - Josie

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